About us

Hi! Nice to meet You!
I am Meera, I & my team are an awesome bunch of storytellers with our cameras. We deploy our creative powers to capture the essence of a Wedding & turn it into one of the most beautiful memory of your life.

Why We do Weddings?

Now, we could have become a storyteller in some other industry like movies or wildlife etc, so why Weddings? Because Weddings are real! Because Weddings are raw! Because Weddings are emotions! Because wedding are celebration! Because Weddings are a slice of life! And most of all because Weddings bind together two souls to a journey of lifetime & memories of that day mean so much to the couple & their close ones.


 Knowing the very fact that our work creates something so very special, something that is going to be looked at thousands of times & will be passed on from generations to generations motivates us to put all our heart into it.


We are based out of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We specialize in Contemporary Wedding Photography which is a mix of traditional & candid photography. Know more about our photography style here.

How to book us?

Very Simple 3 Steps- 

1. Get in touch with us about your requirements & plans.

2. Get your Quote &  make the booking payment.

3. Sign the contract & that ‘s it! 

You’re good to go!

What is the planning session?

We will sit with you either face to face or on a video/audio call for a planning session. The discussion will revolve around planning your Wedding day photography in the best possible manner. We will share some pro tips with you for better photography results on your Wedding day. In return, you are welcome to share your love story with us. It helps us in weaving your Wedding story better. The objective of the whole discussion is to bring clarity to your Wedding Photography plans. Once finished, we will start preparations for your wedding day.

“ What an incredible vision to create something that will last forever in the memories. Our wedding pictures & film have come out to be gorgeous, just the way we wanted.”