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Candid Wedding Photography (Photojournalistic style)


Don’t you adore those natural & unposed candid photographs which capture the scene just at the perfect moment? Here, at The Phototurle, we are in love with Candid Wedding Photography.

The spontaneous smile on Bride’s face when Groom kneels down to propose her, candid getting ready shots, couple’s chemistry on Wedding day, sweet family moments and so much more. Beauty of all these amazing moments gets much accentuated when the Candid Wedding Photographers capture it in the flow of time. These amazing candid pictures will make a great addition to your Wedding day Album. If you have not already seen candid wedding photography, have a look at our work gallery.


Traditional Photography


This is the old classic style used by Wedding Photographers for the longest time. It requires subjects to pose for a moment to get clicked. Crucial posed shots may include Varmaala, Sindoor, family portraits etc. Some weddings also require posed group photographs of guests with the couple. That again is Traditional photography.



Couple Portraits


Couple Portraits that look larger than life are sure to delight you even long after Wedding. In the hustle-bustle of wedding festivities, it is difficult to get exclusive shots of couple in their full glory. Portraits of Bride & Groom, dressed magnificently, dazzling in their Wedding glow are a must! That’s where these posed portraits come handy. We will take a tiny bit of your time to do your couple portrait session. It is generally done right after both of you get ready.


Since you know our Wedding Photography style now, get in touch with us to discuss your vision for your Wedding.