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Imagine a romantic getaway with your partner at a scenic location.That’s what Pre Wedding Shoots are! Pre Wedding Photography have become such a rage in recent times not without a reason. The freedom, intimacy, fun, creative space and so much more offered by Pre Wedding Shoots is hard to get during a typical Wedding day.

We offer Pre Wedding Shoot services to our couples as a part of our Wedding package as well as a standalone service. We are available both for a Destination as well as city PreWedding. Let’s check the popular options that we offer in a Pre Wedding Shoot.

Pre Wedding Photos

You sure are going to get a lot of pictures from your Wedding day, but what about the times just before your wedding? A perfect way for you to savour your love before you officially become Mr&Mrs. A mix of posed & candid photographs in an intimate settings at a scenic location. Pre Wedding Photos don’t just look amazing but are the only chance to document your love story’s personal side in a beautiful & professional way.

We offer two standard packages for Pre Wedding Photography.

1) Half Day Pre Wedding Photography

A half day (4-5 hrs) activity, Expect to get high quality 20-30 post processed images.

2) Full Day Pre Wedding Photography

A full day (around 8 hrs) activity, Expect to get high quality 40-60 post processed images.


You may want to preserve your Prewedding photos in form of a Photobook or Album. We offer a professional Pre Wedding album just for that. Let us know about your album preference when you discuss your Prewedding shoot with us.