Beautiful Wedding Videos - Cinematic & Traditional Wedding Films

Wedding Videos that tell the story of Wedding day in the most beautiful way are sheer joy to watch. We, at The Phototurtle Wedding Photographers provide you with a variety of options for your Wedding Movie.


Cinematic Wedding Videos

Wedding films that have the look & feel of a beautiful movie are loved by everyone. These films are not mere a plain record of your wedding day events, but weave a wedding story in a captivating manner. These films are shot in cinematic style that makes use of creative angles, storytelling techniques, planned shots and much more. While a range of professional filming equipments is required to shoot such Cinematic wedding movies, the magic lies in the skills & vision of a Professional Wedding Cinematographer. We have to admit, we can not take our eyes off a beautifully shot Cinematic Wedding film. Can you?!


Within Cinematic Wedding videos, you have a variety of options to choose from. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can avail one or more than one of these options. Let’s check out what these different options are!


Wedding Highlights Video

As the name suggests, this video captures highlights of all your major Wedding day functions. It is a perfect choice for the couples who want to have a single Wedding day video shot in a breathtaking Cinematic style. It is also the most popular one.


Lip Sync/ Lip Dub Videos

Think of these like music videos. The Bride, Groom and their families lip sync to a song of their choice. It is totally upto you as a Couple to decide who you want to involve in these videos. These videos can involve some dance moves, great for the Star Performer in you! You have full freedom to be as creative as you want and make these videos fun. These videos require planning & consultation with your Wedding Photographer in advance.


Wedding trailer/teaser

This is a short video that acts as the trailer to the main wedding video.  Great thing about trailers is that these can be created in shorter time period. So, for the couples who can’t wait to watch the full wedding video, trailer will provide some respite.


Traditional Wedding Videos

Remember Wedding videos of older generation! A simple documentary of the wedding day as it is with simplistic cinematography and basic post edit. These videos are generally of greater duration ranging upto couple of hours depending on how long the wedding function is.

These videos are a good option for Couples who want long duration films. Also, as these videos require simpler filming equipments and a shorter team, these are extremely budget friendly.